You can find information about registration for BARNLEK 2020 here. First, you need to register the participating group or organisation, then you can invite participants for that group to register individually.

We have extended the registration period for groups and participants. There is no longer an additional fee for late registrations.

  • Sign up for a regular fee until April 30 at midnight

When the registration for BARNLEK 2020 closed on March 15, 585 participants were registered. There are several registered groups that still have very few, or no participants registered.

We believe that many have hesitated in the precarious situation we have, but need to know who intends to come in order to continue our planning.

The cancellation policy is updated to meet the situation in case the event needs to be canceled. Everything except a fee of maximum SEK 500 will be refunded according to added rules. Please read about the new cancellation policy.

To enable more participant to register, we have therefore decided to extend the registration period.

To register

We hope you will enjoy hanging out with us a week in July, summer of 2020. The programme is filled with dancing, music, games and recreation. Check out the website to read up on all the information that is good to know before you sign up. On this page you will find all information you need about the registration form for BARNLEK 2020. Read everything before you sign up!


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